Advanced Open Ballet
Mon: 9am - Vanessa
Tue: 9am - Heather
Wed: 9am - Zach
Thu: 9am - Sarah
These classes are designed for advanced or professional dancers who are looking to start their day with a well- balanced fluid class, as well as for students who are looking to advance their technical ability, freedom of movement and confidence.

Intermediate/Advanced Open Ballet
Tue: 6pm - Elizabeth
Wed: 6pm - Zach
Sat: 10:30am - Zach
Sun: 12pm - Heather or Vanessa
A steady paced intermediate/advanced ballet class that is thorough, challenging and fun. Emphasis on placement, technique, and musicality. Barre work followed by center, graduating from gentle stretching, to Grand Allegro.

Intermediate Open Ballet
Fri: 12pm - Vanessa
A mixed level class that allows for beginning dancers to challenge themselves and for advanced dancers to take a simpler class to strengthen their technique!

Looking for a beginner level class? Click here to see our list of classes.


Photo by: Christopher Peddecord


Elizabeth Guerin
Sarah Fuhrman
Vanessa Thiessen
Zachary Carroll
Teacher / Studio Class Manager
Heather Jackson