Dear BodyVox Community...

By now it is clear to all that the coronavirus has become the dominant force that guides our thoughts and actions. There is no community in our country that the virus has not found a home in, and it is apparent the same will eventually be said of the entire world. 

Our greater BodyVox community is so precious to us…Our dancers, our teachers, our audience, the 500 people who come through our doors weekly to take classes and dance with their friends, the people who use our facility for weddings, events, performances. The concentric circles expand exponentially. 
It is because of our love for our community that we closed our doors three weeks ago. We did not believe it was possible to practice social distancing in a dance studio. Dancing is a congregational art form. It is messy, sweaty, and awesome. With the exception of the odd jig in your kitchen while your food is burning, dancing takes people being together, close. So with heavy hearts we canceled our classes, postponed our shows until next fall, and closed our doors. They will remain so until we are certain that any risk to our community has been eliminated.
But artists are resourceful, and we see new methods of delivering content emerging daily. Virtual collaborations are springing up globally. For our part, we are committed that BodyVox, even in these challenging times, entertain and inspire those who are able to access us through social media and our website. We are posting content on our new page, StreamingVox, where we are able to bring beautifully edited full shows and individual dances to everyone's home at no charge. Our first show, Cosmosis, runs until April 12 and has several thousand views. Two more shows are coming shortly, please share the link with friends.

We continue to think of creative ways to keep our art alive without being physically together. But without shows, classes or rentals, BodyVox has no income for the immediate future. We face significant losses, and as our fiscal year end approaches, we find ourselves in a fragile financial position. We need $150,000 to cover basic payroll over the next 6 months, and an additional $50,000 to maintain the public presence and organizational infrastructure to resume scheduled classes and performances once we are through this crisis. We are pursuing public and government sources for funding, but it is clear a significant portion will have to come from individuals.
These are extremely challenging times for all of us. If you are in a position to add your shoulder to the wheel of philanthropy, we ask that you consider assisting your beloved local arts and cultural organizations. And with advance gratitude, we ask you to consider a gift to BodyVox to help us get through these next few months and be in a position, when this is over, to throw open our doors and provide this wonderful community with shows, classes and a place for people to congregate. We cannot think of a time in the history of our company when your support would mean more to us.
For 22 years we have remained humbled and energized by your faith in our mission… To entertain and inspire people of all ages through our art.
We wish you good health. And please stay in touch…we’d love to hear from you.
Keep dancing!
Jamey and Ashley
Artistic Directors

Photo by: Lois Greenfield