Greetings Dear Friends...

We hope this message finds you well. Know that we miss you, and we hope to see you again soon!
These are certainly strange and unsettling times for all of us. When we closed our BodyVox Dance Center in mid-March, we had no idea how the depth and severity of COVID-19 would evolve. Now three months later, if there is something that all of us have learned, it is that unpredictability is our new normal. 
Something else is happening, though. We are witnessing a state of grace that is reinforced to us daily. Our BodyVox community is strong, generous, and active. We are so grateful for this.
A bit of an update: Our dancers are taking this time away from the studio to do myriad activities, including teaching or taking online classes, engaging in new projects, expanding their hearts and minds…one has even begun writing a book. The restless mind of an artist will not be undone by the restrictions this virus is engendering. Eight of us on staff have had daily Zoom meetings for the past two months (everyone knows about Zoom now!) during which we discuss two main topics. The first is how we can stay connected with and in service to our community. To that end, we have set up a robust selection of online classes, from ballet to contemporary; we hosted a virtual dance film festival that was seen by over 4,000 people worldwide; we have created StreamingVox through which we present videos of past shows. For years we have been filming our shows with multi-camera setups as well as great live sound. Now we can share those videos with you!

The other topic that occupies our attention is more difficult to quantify. Today we are operating under the assumption we will be able to host our productions as usual this Fall at the BodyVox Dance Center. Given the unpredictable nature of the virus, this ambitious plan may need to be amended as we go along. We spend a lot of time considering multiple scenarios and appropriate solutions. Many options are on the table, and we come up with new ideas every day. Rest assured, we have an exciting season in place and the shows will go on! Click here to see our 2020-21 Season.

We here at BodyVox have spent our 22 years innovating new ways to create and present dance-based art. We find the current challenges unsettling and yet inspiring. The bottom line: We are committed to our art and our community, for it is clear both need each other. Together we can bring joy and beauty into this world. And that, friends, is a worthy mission.
We thank you for your continued friendship and hope that you will consider making a gift to BodyVox so that we can continue this important work.
Wishing you safe and fulfilling days,
Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland
Co-Artistic Directors