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BodyVox, currently in its 22nd season, has toured extensively throughout the U.S. as well as Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, China, and India. Based in Portland, OR and founded by Emmy Award-winning choreographers Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland, BodyVox has developed 9 award winning films, 30 original shows and 3 operas, featuring more than 200 original dances. We have three different productions available year-round and include outreach in all of our touring.


BodyVox On Tour


Both complex and refreshingly simple, Reverie is inspired by the impressionist era and builds from an overriding belief in the power of beauty. With Performances in Italy, Germany, Japan, Mexico and throughout the U.S., this is BodyVox's most popular touring show.



Urban Meadow

This exciting international touring program is built of highlights from BodyVox’s nearly twenty year history, making it the best of the best. Whether it's dancing through a wall of flames with Eno-Hyde, a bunny hunt with Mitchell Froom, or going down on the Titanic with Sibelius, BodyVox's singular union of dance, theater and film creates a show that is challenging and engaging for committed dance fans while also remaining accessible to new audiences.



Cosmosis is an imaginative marriage of dance theater, film and live chamber music created in collaboration with the Amphion String Quartet. As the title (cosmos + osmosis) suggests, this is a highly dramatic, sweeping piece of dance theatre created by BodyVox Artistic Directors Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland. Cosmosis involves the musicians as an integral part of the theatrical arc of the dance, drawing upon their articulate and passionate approach to music. As noted by the New York Times, the quartet “plays with a brand of fierce, sharply directed energy and the kind of intensely focused sound that makes every line in a texture stand out clearly.” These attributes make the young ensemble a perfect complement for BodyVox’s theatrical and emotionally charged approach to dance theatre.




Start with a group of beautiful and talented dancers, add a hint of Hitchcock, a touch of Vampire, top it off with a healthy dose of hatchets and chainsaws and you get BloodyVox, a dance theater experience that mines cinema, folklore and our collective nightmares to bring the season of spirits and All Hallows Eve to life. Funny, bloody and full of great dancing, this is Halloween as only BodyVox can imagine it.


The Cutting Room

Through the diverse genres of Action, Romance, Comedy, Sci-Fi, and Americana BodyVox knits together an immersive theatrical experience. By stripping away the layers of Hollywood illusion this original production journeys to an intersection of nostalgia, performance and innovation, where we find movies and memories at the heart of our shared experiences.


Smoke Soup

Performed with a live indy rock band, Smoke Soup is set to the haunting, propulsive music of vaunted songwriter and Grammy Award winner Joe Henry. Utilizing movement, imagery, and Henry's deeply personal, distinctly American music, Smoke Soup follows a cast of characters through a richly layered, intensely physical dance theater cycle.