BodyVox returns...

to the Pearl Dive Project! Taking an unprecedented approach to dance-making, Artistic Directors Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland have invited a new group of highly creative individuals who have never worked in dance before. In this unique performance experience, BodyVox asks the question: “What will happen when artists and innovators working at the peak of their profession immerse themselves in a craft they’ve never considered?” The Pearl Dive Project melds creative worlds in a collaboration of movement and ideas.

Introducing the Pearl Dive Project Collaborators: Matt Mahurin – Filmmaker, Ryan Noon – Art Director,  Portland People - Crowd Source, Susan Seubert – Photographer, Daniel H. Wilson – Author, Sherrie Wolf – Painter, John Gorham - Portland Chef.

Looking for a dining option? On BodyVox performance nights show your ticket at a partner restaurant for a discount or special offer. More information here!



Photo by: Jeremy Dunham, Polara Studio
Artistic Director
Ashley Roland
Artistic Director
Jamey Hampton