A celebration of BodyVox’s...

most popular works, Urban Meadow features dances of sweeping beauty, intense physicality, and irreverent humor. Ranging from the mysterious to the romantic to the hilarious, Urban Meadow represents all the facets of BodyVox in an unforgettable program of dance theater that includes an extensive surprise that the company is keeping top secret and under wraps. Invite your friends and family for a real treat to start the new year! 

Urban Meadow performances are held at Lincoln Hall.

Come celebrate founding member Eric Skinner's 20 years with BodyVox.

Looking for a dining option? On BodyVox performance nights show your ticket at a partner restaurant for a discount or special offer. More information here!
Photo by: Derrin Battles, Polara Studio
Artistic Director
Ashley Roland
Artistic Director
Jamey Hampton