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Photograph of the artist Jordan Plotner
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Jordan Plotner

Jordan Plotner is a Portland-based artist, musician, and writer.

In 2018, after sustaining a spinal leak caused by a rare connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Jordan underwent spinal fusion surgery. While in recovery, he began drawing, then painting abstract representations of his post-surgery spine.

When he isn't painting, you can find him performing with his wife Lindsey as the folk duo Ned and Wendy the Band!

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Follow Ned and Wendy the Band @nedandwendy_theband

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Photograph by Lindsey Plotner
Currently featured

Bobby Fouther

Bobby Fouther, a multidisciplinary self-taught visual and performing artist, was born and raised in the NW as a second-generation Oregon artist. Inspired by everything from birth to death, his passions are painting, photography, dance theatre, and graphics. Over the past 50 years, Fouther’s time, talent, and treasures have been spent exploring the history of Black artists in Oregon and their influence on not only his life but the lives of  fellow creatives. As a recipient of numerous awards like Spirit of Portland, Independent Spirit Award, and Lowenstein Trust Award, he learned that his personal and professional growth as a multidisciplinary artist and his self-taught exploration has not been in vain.

As an Art Elder, he feels blessed to be a sought-after mentor and Art-tivist often asked to curate exhibits and to establish intergenerational arts programming for new and established galleries, community development corporations, and other agencies. He continues to mentor new and emerging artists in exhibitions, building an art portfolio and  the business of art. “Mister Bobby was and is not only a dancer but a total artist,” says fellow choreographer  Ruby Burns. “He is able to conceive and create from costumes, choreography, music, and  most importantly, develop dancers.” Choreographer Josie Moseley describes one of his primary attributes: “He had a welcoming way, a disarming radar that  pulled people into his concentric circle. It was really wonderful to see a MAN like that.”  

Headshot of artist Bobby Fouther

Fouther has taught at Portland State University, Oregon Ballet Theatre, BODYVOX, served on the curriculum development committees for the Children’s Museum, The World Affairs Council of Oregon, Portland Public Schools, and White Bird Dance. He has also served as artist-in-residence in programs sponsored by the Oregon, Washington, and Idaho Arts Commissions and the National Endowment for the Arts, among many other credits. “Through it all, the most cherished and valuable power given to me by my mentor(s) was the wisdom to pass it on.”

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Photograph by Jamey Hampton

Now on display at BODYVOX Dance Center:
Jordan Plotner Original Works

Now on display at BODYVOX Dance Center:
Bobby Fouther Original Works
And a selection from the Robert Lee Fouther Collection

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