Since its founding in 1997, BodyVox has garnered international acclaim for its ingenuity, creativity,

and unique approach to theater that assimilates all possibilities for movement, endows it with breathtaking physicality, enriches it with striking imagery and embellishes it with humor, wit and whimsy to create refined dancing that knows no boundaries.

Urban Meadow celebrates the company's history of making work that has entertained and moved audiences around the world. Here are dances of sweeping beauty, intense physicality and irreverent humor, ranging from the mysterious to the romantic to the hilarious. Urban Meadow represents all the facets of BodyVox in an evening of unforgettable dance theater.

This exciting touring program is built of highlights from our many productions from nearly two decades, making it the best of the best.

Urban Meadow tours with 8 dancers and 2 technicians. Outreach Included

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For more information regarding BodyVox or Urban Meadow, please contact us.  503/229.0627


Photo by: Derrin Battles, Polara Studio
Artistic Director
Ashley Roland
Artistic Director
Jamey Hampton