Ariel Isakowitz

Company Performer

Ariel Isakowitz was born in Philadelphia, raised by an Argentine family, has German and Israeli roots, and has lived in more places than you can imagine. They started dancing at 18 at Northwestern University, where they joined the Giordano Jazz Young Company in their final year. They went on to train with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (Israel) and the Ballet Jeune de Geneve (Switzerland). Ariel has performed with many choreographers and companies, including: Itzik Galili, Mats Ek, Barak Marshall, Rami Be'er, Guilherme Botelho, Marina Mascarell, Stijn Celis, Ioannis Mandafounis, Kamea Dance Company, Odelya Kuperberg, Peter Kyle, Michael Mao, Catapult, KYLD (Kun-Yang Lin Dancers) and Mayumana. Ariel also has great love of theatre, and has performed in plays, musicals and operas around the world. For career highlights and to see Ariel's solo work, you can search "Ariel Moves" (in quotations) on Youtube.

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