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And Everybody Hertz

Presented by Third Angle in partnership with BodyVox

We as humans are deeply connected to sound. Vibrations and frequencies have the power to heal, influence mood, remind us of the past and evoke emotions.

Derion Loman

Derion Loman is a Los Angeles-based Dancer, Choreographer, and Creative Director.

He started dancing at the age of 19 and graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and a B.F.A. in Dance from the University of California Santa Barbara. His career began in Ballet Hispanico’s Second Company, where he performed at a wide variety of different events, most notably the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. He went on to join Pilobolus Dance Theatre from 2013-2017, performing works created in collaboration with Sidi Larbi, Avshalom Poluk and Imbal Pinto, and OKGO, as well  as collaborating on work with Javier De Frutos and world-renowned magicians Penn and Teller. He later went on to join Diavolo Architecture in motion and was a finalist for America’s Got Talent. Most recently Derion is known for being a Divisional Finalist on NBC’s World of Dance Season 3 and for the 2019 Emmy Awards. Currently he works as a freelance choreographer with an array of organizations including Google, Dallas Black Dance Theatre, and the Los Angeles Dance Film Festival. Derion finds himself drawn to projects centered around connectivity, collaboration, and human moments.

Lighting Designer: Jeff Forbes

Choreography: Derion Loman

Music By: Third Angle

For Tickets: Call 503 331-0301

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May 16-18, 2024
BodyVox 1201 SW 17th Ave, Portland