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Our 2023 - 2024 Season Sponsors

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RACCOREGON ARTS COMMISSIONJames F. and Marion L. MILLER FOUNDATIONHAROLD & ARLENE SCHNITZER CARE FOUNDATIONRonni LacrouteHarry A. Merlo FoundationSandstrom PartnersSkinner | KirkNephi Sanchez

Raffle Sponsor


Capital Expansion Sponsor

Swigert Foundation

Capital Campaign Sponsor

Henry Lea Hillman, Jr. Foundation

Dancer Sponsors

George Rowbottom & Marilyn Crilley

Wine Sponsor


Education Sponsor

The M&T Charitable Foundation

BeMoved® Sponsor

Laura Krum and Joanna Nowak

Production Sponsors (Donors of $5,000 or more)

Alan Jones
Albert Solheim
Betsy Warren
Brad Miller
Brette Hampton
Carole Alexander
Charles Swindells
Cheryl Wilson
Christopher Johnson
David Howell Evans
George Rowbottom
Ginevra Ralph
Hampton Family Foundation of the Oregon Community Foundation
Harold Goldstein
Harry A. Merlo Foundation
Herbert A. Templeton Foundation
James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation
Jamey Hampton
Joanna Nowak
Jon Greeney
Juliet Ashby Hillman Foundation
Matt Groening
Morleigh Steinberg
Nephi Sanchez
Oregon Arts Commission
Pat Reser
Regional Arts And Culture Council
Ronni Lacroute
Sam Bevan
skinnerkirk DANCE ENSEMBLE
The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation
The Jackson Foundation
The M&T Charitable Foundation
William Evan Roberts

Investors (Donors of $2,500 - $4,999)

Anne Denys
Anonymous Donor Fund From OCF
Autzen Foundation
Bill Kiefel
Chip Shields
Crowley Wines
Dean Richardson
Denisse Reyes
Elizabeth Hampton
Jared Kendal
Jerry Bobbe
Joe Sillay
Karen Moisant
Katharine Zeller
Kiki Hillman
Marnie Frank
Paula Madden
Peter van Bever
Raj Sarda
Steven Zika
Tom Cody

Commissioners (Donors of $1,000 - $2,499)

Amy Allen
Andrew Glines
Andy McNiece
Ashley Roland
Bonnie Reagan
Cecilia Usher
Connie Guist
Cynthia Hampton
David Rae
Diane Herrmann
Dick Davis
Douglas Warner
Elizabeth Leach
Eric Lindauer
James Harter
Jane Beebe
Jay Nutt
Jaymi Sladen
Jeffrey Krum
Judy Collins
Karen Early
Kelly Sandstrom
Kurt Koehler
Marney Pike
Marvin Dawson
Pete Skeggs
Reed Family Foundation
Rosalie McDougall
Sarah Fuhrman
Steven Sandstrom
Uwe Plumhoff
Victoria Shaylor

Producers (Donors of $500 - $999)

AJ Wagoner
Allison Lindauer
Barton Eberwein
Bill Foster
Brenda Grootendorst
Bret Russell
Britney Gress
Carol Ferris
Chris Rasmussen
Christina Self
Ellen Bussing
Eric Schooler
Gordon Usher
Herbert Trubo
Hong Mautz
James Sherman
Jay Wilt
Michael Rankin
Michael Zumwalt
Neilson Abeel
Patricia Reynolds
Rene Contakos
Richard Lee
Scott Halpert
Susan Lindauer
Valarie Grudier
Walter Jaffe and Paul King
Will Aitchison

Patrons (Donors of $250 - $499)

Alden Roberts
Arthur Placek
Blanca Soler
Bonnie and Mike Leiser
Carolyn Hanson
Christine Farrington
Darrell Gossett
Dolores Leon
Dylan Booth
Evona Brim
Formwest Architecture Inc.
Gary Haven
Gary Stachlowski
Gaynor Hills
Harriet & Leland Curtiss
Henry Hewitt
James Cox
Janet Bowersox
Jeffrey Condit
Jinny Shipman
John Light
John Uhrhammer
Justin Delaney
Kari Friedewald
Katharine Sammons
Kyle Fuchs
Leslie Houston
Linda Hutchins
Marisol Delaney
Marvin Lurie
Nancy Frisch
Nancy Thorn
Randolph Grout
Robert S Hopkins
Scott Pratt
Scott Stephens
Soulayvanh Broisel
Sue Armitage
Victoria Jechart
Xenium Resources, Inc

Friends (Donors of $150 - $249)

Amy Werner
Antonia Marra
Barry Tonkin
Birgit Miranda
Brad Pratt
Charles Rooks
Charles T Auch
Dale Gatlin
Donna Coe
Frances Britt
Fred Allen
Geof Beasley
Heidi Stoumbos
James Clayton Hering
James Johnson
Jeff Rubin
Katherine O'Neil
M Judith Stoner
Martin Muller
Mary Felice Crowe
Michael Mills
Michele Cassinelli
Pamela Howard
Rebeckah Trullinger
Sue Sampson
Susan Pagels
Tess Marino
Val Guzman

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BodyVox is a non-profit organization and could not produce the work you see on stage and in the community without the generosity of people like you who donate. Donations enable us to support a company of extraordinary dance artists, provide affordable tickets and educational outreach programs for our community, and invest in new work which keeps our company and dance community vibrant.

For additional information or to make a gift please contact: or 503.229.0627

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