Heather Jackson


Heather trained on scholarship at Rock School of Pennsylvania Ballet and at 14 became a Ballet Major at the University of Utah where she earned her BFA. She performed with Utah Ballet and Ballet West while in Utah. Before leaving Salt Lake, Heather was an administrator and instructor at the School of Ballet West until her move to Oregon in 2003 where she started working with BodyVox. While dancing with BodyVox  Heather  enjoyed working with skinner|kirk DANCE ENSEMBLE, The Portland Opera, and other choreographic projects. During her time with the company, Heather led the creation BodyVox’s Junior Artist Generator program and directed them through 2022. Ms Jackson has enjoyed teaching ballet  she was 17 and truly has a passion for it. Her well-rounded training and career gives her the ability to understand students from all backgrounds. Heather wants everyone in her classes to find joy in  movement, whether an absolute beginner or a professional, in her ballet classes as well as with her certified GYROTONIC®and GYROKINESIS® instruction.