Joseph Cavanaugh


Joseph is a creative dancer born and raised in Gresham Oregon.  In his youth years he grew up taking classes such as tap, ballet, hip hop, contemporary and improv . Over time Joseph participated in dance communities and performances to gain and develop his own experience. In Joseph’s time line of exploring dance, he encountered a life changing experience that changed his life and perception of dance. This than birthed the idea of his class called Creative Flow contemporary improv. Through his creative exploration in dance, Joseph created and discovered a new style of dance to share with the world. He now specializes in contemporaryimprove flow with a added element such as the inclusion of silks in contemporary movement. Joseph’s class encourages dancers to express from the heart wherever there are at in life.He strives to create a safe space for dancers from all backgrounds to come experience movement, challenge their creativity, express from the heart all while learning to use the element of silk into contemporary improv dance expression.He now currently leads a separate community of dancers in this flow of art with workshops on the side.